Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

27 Sep

Title: Red RidingHood
Author: SaraBlakley-Cartwright
Pages: Paperback329 pages
Publisher: Poppy
Date Published:January 25th 2011
Genre: YoungAdult, Fantansy
My Rating: 

Theblacksmith would marry her.
Thewoodcutter would run away with her.
Thewerewolf would turn her into one of its own.
Valerie’ssister was beautiful, kind, and sweet. Now she is dead. Henry, the handsome sonof the blacksmith, tries to console Valerie, but her wild heart beats fast foranother: the outcast woodcutter, Peter, who offers Valerie another life farfrom home.
Afterher sister’s violent death, Valerie’s world begins to spiral out of control.For generations, the Wolf has been kept at bay with a monthly sacrifice. Butnow no one is safe. When an expert Wolf hunter arrives, the villagers learnthat the creature lives among them–it could be anyone in town.
Itsoon becomes clear that Valerie is the only one who can hear the voice of thecreature. The Wolf says she must surrender herself before the blood moonwanes…or everyone she loves will die.
My Review
Okay so this bookis based off the screenplay written by David Johnson. The real ending to thebook was left out so that people would go and watch the movie, which wassomething a lot of people didn’t think fair but I really didn’t have a problemwith it, the bonus chapter was up online (Legally) for people to go read and Ithink that was a great marketing strategy in their part because the movie wasthe first idea since the beginning so it seemed fair to me.

Obviously the whole thing is based on the fairytale we all know except with a dark twists which is what got this book so muchattention. Personally I believe this book was a little odd but I’m not sure ifit was a good odd or bad odd, mixed feelings here, I liked it for the most partbut it was missing something. I would have rated this book maybe half a starless if it didn’t have such a good twist at the end. It’s hard to find bookswith twists like this one and I love it when I finally find one. By the way,yes the good part is in the bonus chapter that is found online so I guess ifyou really wanted to know my opinion in just what you buy for, I would give thebook three and a half stars. Besides that, it was a very interesting idea theauthor had with this book because I really didn’t expect how they were going tore-do little red riding hood. There is romance in it and your typical love trianglethat most YA readers adore, not so much for me. There is suspense, mystery,great characters, not so bad concept of a story and of course that great twistat the end you just can’t expect. I say if you have seen the movie don’t botherwith the book because they followed it very well but If you have yet to see themovie go ahead and give the book a try either you will hate it or love it in myopinion.

For Bonus Chapter CLICK HERE (Please don’t read without reading the book first)

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