Review Policy

Updated January 2012

Thank you for taking your time to read over my review policy.
NOT accepting any books at the moment.
-Not accepting advanced reader’s copies at the moment but I might consider certain ones.
I do accept finished copies
I do accept eBooks.
-I do NOT accept PDF’s.
I prefer Young Adult books but I am also interested in other genres but I might be a bit choosier with those.
I try my best to review every single book I read but I can’t promise I will review every single one. (If it is a series) I will usually only review the first book in a series unless requested to, I might reconsider.
I can’t guarantee that I will read a book right away. I also can’t guarantee to post the review right after reading the book.
I try to choose books that I feel I will enjoy since I buy all of my books (unless given by author or publisher for review).
My reviews and ratings are all honest. Be aware that there might be negative reviews, but I do understand the hard work put into writing a book and I will never disrespect anyone or their book.


If you would like for me to review a book please contact me at bookcraze[at]me[dot]com


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